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  BPO Programme    
BPO Programme
Internship Program
Continuing Rehabititation Education
Orthotic Clinic
 About Prosthetics & Orthotics
Orthotics and Prosthetics are disciplines that deal with the evaluation, fabrication and custom fitting of artificial limbs and limb supports such as calipers, braces and splints. Orthopedic braces, or orthoses, are used to stabilize or unload joints, normalise motion and stresses on tissue, substitute for muscle weakness or paralysis, and assist in normal growth, development and function. Orthoses can be applied to the head, neck, trunk, or limbs. Artificial limbs are to restore near normal function of the upper or lower extremities.
 Professional profile of prosthetics & orthotics Graduate
The following professional profile has its basis in the Report of the United Nations Inter- Regional Seminar on Standards for the Training of Prosthetist (UN, 1968) the so called Holte Report. It has been modified to comply with the Guidelines for Training of Personnel in Developing Countries for Prosthetics & Orthotics Services (WHO, 1990). It was updated at the WHO/ISPO Consultation for Training Personnel in Developing Countries for Prosthetics and Orthotics Services (2003) and finalised in 2004.
 Learning Objectives of the course
Learning objectives have been made to reflect the necessary level of learning for the students within each of the subject areas presented in this curriculli. The course, encompassing these learning objectives will be covered in a four years full time programme to attain the expected level of the course. The subjects covered are:
Anatomy Pathology
Physiology Orthopedics and Amputation Surgery
Materials and Workshop Technology Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Applied Mechanics & Strength of Materials Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics
Engineering Drawing Computer Science
Biomechanics Mobility and rehabilitation Aids
Prosthetics Science Research Methodology
Orthotics Science Prosthetics and orthotics workshop management
    Clinical Practice
Adequate provision is made for self-study, projects, referral library consultation & interactive sessions
An appropriate code of ethical behavior is an essential framework for the activities of any professional responsible for the treatment of patients. All Prosthetics & Orthotics professionals need to follow the code of ethics formulated by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
 Ethical code of the Prosthetist/Orthotist
He/ She shall observe loyal relations with her/his colleagues and with other members of the clinic team without assuming roles outside his/her own profession
He/ She shall practice absolute discretion regarding personal matters or knowledge about patients he/she might acquire in her/his professional work.
He/ She like all other members of the clinic team, should supply service only as a member of that team and respect its conclusions.
He/ She shall collaborate freely in the necessary exchange of information between colleagues and others in the different but related disciplines.
He/ She shall strive to perform to the highest possible standard of his/her professional skill.
He/ She shall provide services to patients/clients in a professional manner personal, financial or commercial interests shall be secondary.
He/ She shall always honestly represent herself/himself as well as his/her services to the patient and all other concerned.
The language of instruction is English. Some language assistance is provided during training period.
90% of attendance on 270 Working days (i.e 243 days) is mandatory for Under Graduate students to appear for the University Examination

The Under Graduate students can avail the remaining 10% on 270 Working days (viz) 27 days leave in an academic year. Any kind of leave including Medical leave for more than 27 days in an academic year will not be allowed.

If the candidate is lacking attendance in any one of the subject(s), he/she will be detained for the subject(s) in which the candidate lacks attendance but will be permitted to appear for the rest of the subjects in which the candidate is having minimum required percentage of attendance.
  Educational Tours
NIEPMD, Muutukadu
CMC Hospital, Vellore
SLRTC, Karigiri
  Attachment to other Hospitals / Colleges
RIGHT HOSPITAL : For faculty & practical placement of students for the Medical subjects
MAGNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING : For faculty & practical placement of students for the Engg. Subjects
SRI BALAJI COLLEGE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY : For Faculty & other Rehabilitation Resources.
ENDOLITE INDIA LIMITED : For Faculty & practical placement of students for the P&O subjects
ELIXIR MULTI SPECIALITY THERAPY CENTRE – For Faculty & practical placement of students for the Occupational Therapy Subject.
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